We are proud to announce our first partner: Contribyte!

It’s time to announce our first partner: Contribyte – Contribyte is finnish company which helps organizations to produce more value with digital products and services, independent of tools and methods. They have worked with many international companies like Vaisala, Nokia, Paytrail, ABB etc. Go and check out their reference page: https://contribyte.fi/en/references/

We are very proud that we have established good connection with them and they can help us develop further in our CS:GO career. They are very good at coaching different kind of teams so maybe they give us tip or two 😉

Contribyte Webpage: https://contribyte.fi/
Contribyte Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Contribyte
Contribyte Twitter: https://twitter.com/Contribyte


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